Bailão Broke It

Get to knowAna Bailão

Ana Bailão is running on a platform to fix the city’s services, but can we trust her to do this when she was on the team that broke them?

She can't fix it.
Bailão broke it.
Ana Bailao

From housing to transit, Toronto is a city in decline.

Ana Bailão was Deputy Mayor as our services got worse—and more expensive. She voted with John Tory 92% of the time, the third-highest percentage for any city councillor.

In 2016, Bailão voted to cut TTC routes. She voted against an amendment to avoid the cuts in 2017. In 2022, she voted for a TTC fare hike.

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Bailão voted against better rent control, adding shelter beds in the 2017 budget, for budget cuts for TCHC, and to violently clear people from encampments.

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In 2019, Bailão voted against funding to make our street safer by speeding up the Vision Zero plan.

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Ana Bailão's campaign is run by conservative operative
Nick Kouvalis.

Nick Kouvalis

Nick Kouvalis has worked for Rob Ford, John Tory, and Andrew Scheer.

He was Rob Ford's Chief of Staff and a member of John Tory's transition team. He helped usher in a lost decade, where our city became more expensive, worse-run, and harder for working people.

One thing that he and Ana Bailão share is a history of drunk driving.

Ana Bailão's voting record.

As a City Councillor and Deputy Mayor, Ana used her voting power time and time against the interests of Torontonians.

Housing & Affordability

Voted against faster builds, tenant rights, rent protections, and solutions for the unhoused.

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Voted to make the TTC slower and more expensive.

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Traffic Safety

Voted against investments in safer streets for pedestrians.

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Parks & Environment

Voted in favour of less money for parks and climate planning, more for private companies.

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Get to know Ana Bailão.

Not only did she vote to clear the encampments, which led to violence and destruction of unhoused people's few personal possessions. She also voted against a motion to develop a strategy, in consultation with people who have bene homeless and homeless-serving orgs, to provide safe indoor shelter and housing opportunities for encampment residents.

According to the Toronto Star: "Former Davenport councillor Ana Bailão was a close ally of John Tory, and her campaign team resembles those that helped the former mayor win three municipal elections. Her backroom is led by veteran Liberal organizer Tom Allison and polarizing pollster Nick Kouvalis, the unlikely duo who teamed up in 2014 on Tory’s first mayoral win. Bob Richardson, who co-chaired Tory’s first campaign, is serving as an adviser, as is Tory’s 2022 campaign manager Patrick Harris."

Source: Toronto Star

After more than three terms of austerity, our city's finances are in shambles. Bailão's plan to fix this is to ask the province nicely to take over the costs of maintaining the Gardiner and the DVP. This is a promise that she can't make and that the province won't agree to.

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