Bailão Broke It

Councillor Ana Bailao’s Housing Votes

Ana made several votes that worsened housing affordability and homelessness as City Councillor for Ward 18 and Ward 9 Davenport from 2010 to 2022.

Against affordable housing


Voted against increasing the percentage of Housing Now units to be made affordable.

For rent increases


Voted for allowing rent increases at Housing Now sites up to 2% above provincial guideline.

Against hotels for unhoused


Voted against looking into expropriation of hotel rooms used to house homeless.

Against funding the Tenant Defense Fund


Voted against adding $75,000 to the Tenant Defense Fund.

Against declaring homelessness an emergency


Voted against declaring homelessness a human rights disaster/emergency.

Against rent control


Voted against rent control on Housing Now sites.

Rooming house delays


Voted to delay rooming house decision, again.

More shelter beds


Voted against adding 1000 new shelter beds through Shelter Infrastructure Plan.

Against expanded tenant hotline


Voted against expanding Tenant Hotline program.

Against rent supplements


Voted against reallocating $10 million of police budget to rent supplements.

Provincial inaction


Voted against a motion to condemn the provincial government’s inaction on ending homelessness.

Sell off TCHC homes


Voted to sell 22 single-family TCHC homes.

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Voted to make the TTC slower and more expensive.

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Traffic Safety

Voted against investments in safer streets for pedestrians.

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Parks & Environment

Voted in favour of less money for parks and climate planning, more for private companies.

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