Bailão Broke It

Councillor Ana Bailao’s Transit Votes

Ana’s transit voting record shows she didn’t care about her Davenport constituents who relied on the TTC. Toronto, Etobicoke, and Scarborough need a Mayor who will restore bus and subway service.

Against fare freeze


Voted against a TTC fare freeze.

TTC vehicles


Voted against increasing capital budget to fund TTC vehicles ($45 million).

For fare increases


Voted against using reserve fund to reverse post-secondary and youth TTC fare increase.

Against restoring service


Voted to not request TTC rehire staff and restore service to pre-pandemic levels.

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Housing & Affordability

Voted against faster builds, tenant rights, rent protections, and solutions for the unhoused.

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Traffic Safety

Voted against investments in safer streets for pedestrians.

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Parks & Environment

Voted in favour of less money for parks and climate planning, more for private companies.

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